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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baron von Squirtenheimer. The one who started it all....he owns my heart.

Baron von Squirtenheimer is my 5 year old Doberman Pinscher. Baron is happiest when he is with my husband and me, when his pack is together!  He is a world-class spooner/velcro dog who never leaves my side while at home.  I call him my satellite since he orbits me.  He knows how to "smile" on command, jump through a hula hoop and then take a bow, high five, say "I love you" and other amazing tricks.  He's one smart dog! 

I rescued him from a homeless man who had him in a box when he was only a tiny infant.  This led me to believe he was a Daschund and I told my husband "Oh, he's a daschund and won't get any bigger than this (make hand size of small dog)".  We soon found out that he was no daschund and now I tell folks I have a 100 lb. Daschund!  ;o) 

Baron is all natural - he has his tail and ears and I wouldn't have it any other way!  Although wary of strangers, he is incredibly affectionate towards those he knows and loves.  It is not uncommon for him to jump up, put his two front paws on your shoulder and give a big kiss!  He is also very sensitive and will quietly comfort you if you are upset and crying, as he did when my beloved kitty passed away.  He loved that kitty almost as much as I did and would run into the house to find her and give her a kiss every time he came home from daycare.  He was very jealous of her "alpha" status in bed though and would whine and cry if he saw her coming towards the bed to sleep with me. 

As an owner of a pet supply store, he gets to "test drive" any new treats I get into the store.  Although not one to ever turn down a snack, he usually gives his approval of any and all treats I bring home.   He eats The Honest Kitchen dehydrated raw food, supplemented with Before Grain kibble.  He's limited to a couple treats a day and does not get any table scraps (except for the rare nibble of cheese). 

Baron loves his weekends when he gets to go out exploring and running around with his father in places such as the Arroyo in Pasadena, the beach in Orange County, the LA River and other wild places.  He loves to play "stick" and jump around in water.  Tennis balls are another obsession of his, but because of the tooth corroding materials in tennis balls, he only gets to play with them until he gets home, and then we "trade" for another toy from the toy box, which by the way is overflowing with toys!

I love my boy.

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